Classic Day Camp

Classic Day Camp(Ages 4 to 12)

Our Classic Day Camp program provides each camper an opportunity to try the many different activities we offer at Cloverleaf Ranch. Campers will be placed in a group based on their age, and will participate in three 1-hour activities each morning with their group. Activities include archery, nature hikes, arts and crafts, animal care, batting cages, zip line, sports, etc.

After lunch (which we provide), all campers will go to the pool, where they can play water games, free swim, or relax in the shade. (Half Day Campers end their day after swim time).

We have a snack break at 3:00pm, followed by our ‘Recreation Period’ where each camper will be presented with a number of different activities to choose to from. After Recreation Period, we round up campers, go through the day’s lost and found, and head down the hill to go home!

Throughout the week, campers in our Classic Program will have the opportunity to take two riding lessons. Campers ages 7 and up will have the chance to have one of these lessons be a trail ride through our 160-acre property of rolling oak-dotted hills, provided that they show sufficient control and safety on their horse. If an instructor determines that they are not ready to go on the trails, they will have an arena lesson instead. Campers age 4 to 6 will have both lessons in the arena. The week culminates in an overnight campout on Thursday. On this day, campers will participate in Color Games, attend an afternoon Carnival, eat a Pasta Dinner, and head to our Deer Camp where the counselors host a campfire, complete with songs, skits, games, storytelling, and of course s’mores! In the morning, we provide a healthy breakfast and then head to the main Horse Arena for a Horse Show. The Thursday overnight is a fun option; it is not mandatory.

Every camper age 7 and up who has completed at least one arena lesson has the option of being in the horse show, a traditional competition where campers are given ribbons for riding skills and can participate in fun horse-related games and activities.

Please click on the ‘Activities’ link above to see a full list of activities offered at Cloverleaf Ranch, as well as a few age requirements. Also, check out the ‘Sunday Orientation’ link above, for more information on our very helpful Sunday Orientations! You will be able to meet your child’s counselor, get their schedule for the week, ask questions, and complete paperwork. This is also the ONLY time once summer camp begins that you are able to take a tour of the facilities (Cloverleaf Ranch is a closed-campus for the safety of your children).