Equestrian Day Camp(Ages 4 to 12)

Howdy Partners! Do you have a young’un who just can’t get enough time with our horses? Our Equestrian Day Camp program is the one for you! Campers in this program spend the majority of their day in the barn and focus on riding, horse care, and horse education. We aim to have our equestrian day campers in at least three lessons per week, one trail ride, and the option to participate in the horse show. We guarantee that they will ride at least four times, but it is our intention for them to ride every day! That’s a lot of riding time! In addition, this program teaches campers about the responsibilities of owning a horse such as feeding, horse care, grooming, mucking stalls, etc. The morning starts with three horse related activities, whether that be a riding lesson, an hour of horse care, or making horse treats and feeding them to our dude string. Then comes lunch, and an hour of swimming. After swim time campers have snack and then head to afternoon horse care to help clean stalls, brush horses, and end the day sending the dude string out to the pasture and feeding them dinner.

This program also includes an overnight campout on Thursday. On this day, equestrian campers will participate horse games, attend an afternoon Carnival, eat a pasta dinner, and head to our Deer Camp where the counselors host a campfire, complete with songs, skits, games, storytelling, and of course s’mores! In the morning we provide a healthy breakfast and then head to the main arena for the Horse Show.

Every camper who has completed at least one arena lesson has the option of being in the horse show, a traditional competition where campers are given ribbons for riding skills and can participate in fun horse-related games and activities.

This program is definitely recommended only for those kids who know they want to spend the majority of their time with the horses! Since Cloverleaf Ranch offers a wide variety of fun activities, we encourage first time Cloverleaf campers to try the Classic Day Camp program first!

Please click on the ‘Activities’ link above to see a full list of activities offered at Cloverleaf Ranch, as well as a few age requirements. Also, check out the ‘Sunday Orientation’ link above, for more information on our very helpful Sunday Orientations! While not mandatory, these orientations are highly encouraged. You will be able to meet your child’s counselor, get their schedule for the week, ask questions, and complete paperwork. This is also the ONLY time once summer camp begins that you are able to take a tour of the facilities (Cloverleaf Ranch is a closed-campus for the safety of your children).