Our Legacy
Family-Owned since 1947

Grandma and Grandpa began their first summer with three boys. Each year this number grew as the boys went home and told of their great time working on the ranch. I love my memories of growing up at camp. Taking part in cookouts overnights, riding horses in the hills and sun bathing by the pond. In the 1960’s, my mother, Ginger, became a counselor and enjoyed sharing her love of this ranch. There, my mom met my father, Ron, when he was a counselor and the Head Wrangler. As tradition would have it, in 1974 Ron and Ginger took over the reins and followed in my grandparents’ footsteps directing Cloverleaf Ranch. My brother Tye and I had a wonderful experience growing up in a ranch and camp environment. It significantly shaped the people we became.

We were both campers and counselors for many years, and in 2007 I took over as Head Director of the Ranch. I’ve been happy to keep the magic of a working Western ranch alive while keeping up with modern standards and preserving the land in a sustainable manner. My Grandma and Grandpa made a promise to parents to provide a safe, fun place to enjoy a vacation of a lifetime. We continue that commitment to this day and truly believe your children will have a summer they will never forget. – Shawna DeGrange.

Meet The Owners

Shawna DeGrange or known on the ranch as “Charm,” has been involved directly with the program since 1999. She has been the camp Director since 2003 and is a third-generation owner/Director. Charm’s education was centered around Early Childhood Development and minored in tennis, dance, and horse mastership. She is a certified rifle instructor, Certified Archery Instructor, and heads up American Camp Association’s Accreditation Team. Her employment background includes the Southern California Girls, Inc. (Girls, Inc.), a national program empowering young women to achieve personal success. In 2012, Shawna DeGrange established the non-profit Charm’s Place, to provide scholarships for camp to children in need. Committed to her local community, Shawna has also worked with organizations like local Rotary clubs, volunteered as a mentor in the “Girls on the Run” program, joined and supported BRONC (Barn and Ranch Owners of Norther California), and served as president of the Mark West Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, Shawna was awarded the Spirit of Sonoma Award for her many contributions and dedication to her local community. Ron DeGrange has been involved in all aspects of the Cloverleaf camp since 1963. Along with administrative duties, Ron is in charge of the Food Service Program. Ron holds a California Community College credential in physical education and horsemastership. Ginger DeGrange holds credentials as a French and English instructor, and has been a Horse Science instructor since 1971 at Santa Rosa Junior College. A rider nearly from birth, Ginger has many awards to her credit including Grand National Rodeo Queen in 1963, Sonoma County Rodeo Queen in 1964, and California State Rodeo Princess in 1966.