The Best People

The relationships formed at Cloverleaf are what make it a special place. We take pride in assembling the highest quality staff from around the world. Many of our staff were one-time campers and enjoy giving back to campers the same great memories they once shared.

Staff Jobs

As a staff member at Cloverleaf Ranch you need to read, understand and be dedicated to the philosophy and objectives of the camp. In doing so you will find camp not only rewarding and fun, but take satisfaction in knowing that you are a valuable staff member at Cloverleaf Ranch Camp.

A Letter To Future Staff

When you hire on with Cloverleaf Ranch, you agree to abide by our personnel policies and practices. These are fixed practices designed to create a clear understanding between Cloverleaf Ranch and Camp Staff. You are representative of Cloverleaf Ranch at all times during your employment, on and off the ranch.

The Camper and the Counselor

Camp life provides the opportunity for a kind of intensity in relationships which rarely exists in our world. As a member of the camp staff, you have the unique opportunity to come to know the youngsters in your cabin as few others, including their parents, ever see them. Each of them will share something of his/her life and his/her personality with you and the others in the group because of an evolving trust you have the power to nurture.

More important than any other single aspect is your role as a model. What you do and say, your campers will believe to be worth emulation. Think back to those intimate conversations that your own counselors encouraged when you were a camper. Think about the sense that there was a person, not much older than yourself, who really understood your feelings and cared about you without having to urge you to come home on time or do better on your next math test.

Camp “education,” whether it’s learning about ecology or a baseball swing, really takes place at the end of the day when you and your camper are brushing your teeth. It’s at those moments when campers listen carefully to your reactions as to whether you are genuine in your words and actions. It’s at those kinds of moments when campers share something of themselves, as the two of you sit by the campfire and look at the starry sky and talk of life’s great issues. Those are the moments that can make all the difference.