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The whole week she was in a very positive environment and motivating energy. My daughter had an amazing opportunity to meet kids from all over and that gave her the chance to look at a bigger picture. One of the lessons she learned was that we can meet people from all over the world in person and not just on social media. She loved having this kind of environment; different from school, having fun and meeting young kids her age. Cloverleaf Ranch is the kind of environment where kids are truly motivated, where there’s not bullying tolerated and the whole group is a great support. This lovely experience made her summer more exiting, and she had lots to say the first day of school about her summer thanks to all of you at Cloverleaf.Maria Moreno

To: My home away from home, Cloverleaf Ranch Thank you for all you have done for me. Every time I am there I feel happy and full of life, and now I feel full of life wherever I go. Every time I go to my home away from home, I feel invincible and ME. I feel so so ME and I don’t have to hide it. I am smiling as I am writing this because I am thinking about everything that you have done for me. Because of you I got my grades up and I now stand up for myself. I went from no friends to ten and up friends. I wish everyone would go to this ranch. Thank you so so so sooo much for everything you have done for me and everyone who has ever been here. I love it there and it is a magical place. My teacher has said to me she realized a huge change in me in confidence and emotional strength. So all I have to say is the Cloverleaf Ranch is truly magical. LoveA happy camper (11 years old) P.S. I love you Cloverleaf Ranch

I chose Cloverleaf Ranch for my children because it offered them freedom. Freedom to learn new things, freedom to meet new friends, gain independence, be quirky, dress up. Cloverleaf Ranch offered joy of living, singing, riding horses, and swimming. I believe that Cloverleaf Ranch helped my children to decompress from the rigors of the school year, with no expectations but to have fun. Cloverleaf Ranch gave my children the opportunity to understand the beauty of the natural world and to explore their own happiness in spending time out of doors in a sleep away camp environment.Susan Miltner

Cloverleaf Ranch has provided generations of children with wonderful experiences that last a lifetime. I know this first hand as I attended in the 1970’s and early 1980’s and remember with great enthusiasm the weekly horse shows, Friday night dances, swimming in the lake, the rope swing, learning how to groom a horse in horsemanship classes and learning to square dance. I was so thrilled to send my son to camp last summer at Cloverleaf. He came home with stories of amazing counselors, zip lines, riding horses for the first time and camping outdoors without a tent. His independence and confidence grew exponentially. How exciting that when offered any number of other experiences for this summer that he was willing to pass them all up for the opportunity to return to Cloverleaf. We’re looking forward to two more weeks of no letters from camp – no news is great news (but a little quiet) when your child is attending away camp!Lawra Joseph Duy

Cloverleaf resident camper Summers 1974-80 Mom of Ashlyn, Resident camper 2011-2014


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